Making It Safe To Serve You

From the 4th July 2020, the Lions B&B in Newark, will be open and will be pleased to welcome you!

As you’d expect, we will be implementing all the measures necessary to keep you safe.

We will ensure that keys, door knobs, handles, surfaces and switches are sanitised and we have put in place measures to ensure deep cleaning & sanitising takes place. However, if you are staying more than one night, we will ensure no staff enter your room at any time – but this will mean we won’t be able to make your beds, clean your bathroom nor empty your bins L.

In term of your check-in, we will work with you to make this as easy and a safe as possible by establishing your arrival time and having a written welcome briefing and your sanitised keys ready for you. We will still offer you a welcome drink but we’ll encourage you to take this in your room.

Our guests’ sitting room complies with social distancing measures but we will encourage people from different household not to use it at the same time.

We will be serving our full breakfast offer and will ensure that social distancing measures are in place in our dining room. Although, if you’d prefer you’ll be able to have breakfast in your room or, when the weather allows, you will be able to have breakfast outside on the patio.

We understand that some people may find it difficult to eat out and, as a result, we have extended our provision to include a two or three course supper, where you can bring your own wine without any corkage fee, for £20/£25 per person. Just ask for the menu at the time of booking and give us twelve hours prior notice. If guests are from the same household or social bubble you will be able to dine together.

We will be as flexible as we can, and we will allow you to cancel your stay where ever possible, however, where this is not feasible, we will allow you to switch to another date.

Where ever possible, we will ensure that check out and payment is contactless or, if this is not possible, is done with the minimum contact and fuss as possible.

We look forward to seeing you and making your stay a good one.